How to: get motivated in 6 steps

Motivation. The starting point of every great thing. The source of every success. A source which seems to dry up too quickly, it seems. Need some motivation right this instant? Want to finally get off your butt and do something productive? It’s time you do!

But first, let’s make some things clear, okay?

1. No one can make you feel motivated except yourself.

You may spend hours and hours browsing the web and talking to friends, seeking motivation to start something but you won’t ever feel motivated until you allow yourself to be. Motivation is something that cannot be given to you by anyone else. Period. Now you want to be productive? Boo, you need a serious pep talk- find it in you to take my advice and draw motivation from it.

2. Motivation is not constant.

There will be an ebb and flow. You won’t always feel ready to take on an army of duties. Some days, you won’t want to put on your socks. That’s okay. What’s not okay is allowing your ebbs to discourage you. What is unacceptable is bashing and guilt-tripping yourself for a little setback. Because as much as you don’t want it, you won’t always feel motivated.

3. Fake it till you make it.

If you want to feel motivated, you have to act like you already are. Listen up, buddy. You aren’t getting any ounce of motivation by lazing around in your pyjamas all day and complaining about all there is to complain. Are you seriously telling me that you, who has been lying on bed all day, hasn’t even combed their hair, has cereal everywhere wants to feel motivated? *prolonged sarcastic laughter* You know what that’s like? That is exactly like someone who is desperate to get a job going to their interview in old dirty pyjamas, then complaining about how they didn’t get the job.

You want motivation? DO YOU WANT IT?

THEN MOVE. Take a shower, get dressed, eat something, organise your stuff, and get that bum working. Just do it. Don’t even think about it.

When you are all ready and set to do the work, you’ll automatically feel the boost that you’ve been looking for.

4. Set your priorities straight.

If you need to look for motivation to work on your goals, you are choosing other things over said goals. It’s simple. You choose to sit here all day on your mobile or laptop or whatever device from hell you are on and waste your time watching people go on and about with their lives. Well newsflash hun; if you aren’t motivated enough to work on your goals, someone will pay you to work on theirs.

And all those youtubers and instagrammers you love watching? Yeah, most of them are getting paid to entertain your sorry butt. And while you’re here wasting your opportunites, they are making money off of you. Congrats for potentially sacrificing your dreams to watch a llama dance to the beat of Talk Dirty To Me.

Now tell me, what is more important to you, achieving what you have always wanted or sitting here like a sorry llama?

5. Realising the outcome of your actions.

An hour of hardwork will get you a few steps closer to your goals. An hour of lazing around will get you lazing around for more time. If you want to achieve something that you never had before, you must be ready to do things that you have never done before. Everything stems from hard work. Nothing in this world was easy to make. And you are stuck here because you aren’t motivated enough or you just don’t feel it?

You are wasting your potential and time jusy because you can’t find it in you to feel excited about what you can do?

If you were sure to get what you wanted through hardwork, would you feel the lack of motivation? If I told you that you can do it, that you just need to get up and start, would you listen? Because believing in yourself gets half of the job done.

No matter how hard it seems, where there is a will, there is a way.

Now where’s that will? WHERE IS IT? Do you want to be successful or are you satisfied with your current situation? If you choose to be lazy now, you must be ready to choose to stay in your current state.

6. Knowing that you only have this moment.

The present is the only time you have to get going. It doesn’t matter if you spent your whole life not doing anything, right now you can start, and that is all that matters. “Tomorrow,” “later,” “in an hour,” don’t exist. You don’t know what’s going to happen to you in the next five minutes, so stop postponing everything. While you are here procrastinating, someone else is working their butt off towards their dreams. While you are here, unexcited about your future, someone out there is potentially snatching up the opportunities that you could have obtained.

The good news? It’s not too late. You can do this. Just start. I know you got this. Now that you can feel your enthusiasm bubbling in your belly, it’s time you start paving your way to success. Here you are, ready to tackle whatever it is that you need to get done. Now go get them goals! But first, drop a comment below. πŸ˜‰

Sending you lots of love and positivity



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