Letting Go Of The Past Made Easy

Step 1 of 2: Stop fearing your past.

Life is a series of events. Some are joyful and deserved to be remembered, cherished; others… Not so much.

Unpleasant incidents of the past are sometimes engraved in our memory- daunting us at our worse and teasing us at our best. They always seem to be looming into a shadowy corner, waiting for a moment of weakness, a crack in one’s resolve, just a hint of misery before it comes crashing down in waves of pain and bitterness.

Well, not anymore. Here are some simple, foolproof tips to flush your past down the toilet– while keeping the positive aspects of it, of course.

First of all, I would like to bring to your attention something quite important- the root of the problem. What do you think of when you hear “your past”?

For the most part, something negative or unpleasant would have popped up in your mind, like a huge pimple on a date night. But… Does that mean your past was all gloomy and sad? Have you never had any pleasant moments in your past? I beg to differ- I’m sure you did.

But you instantly jumped on the train to nightmare-land on seeing the word “past,” right? Typical Daffy Duck move- and we all know how things end for him.

If you did nosedive into distasteful memories, chances are, a part of you dreads to think about unpleasant occurrings which marked you at an earlier stage of your life. Oh no!

The good news is- We can remedy that!

Whenever a dreadful memory daunts you, try as hard as you can to think about something pleasant; something which turns your insides warm, fuzzy and tingling with happiness. Think about the time you took a walk in the park with yout best friend, that one birthday party which had a hilarious turn of events, the best trip you have taken. Think of anything which brings you warmth and joy and hold it close to you.

I’m not telling you to replace the depressing memory with a positive one, no, don’t try to push the undesired events out of your mind, you can face it. You are not afraid.

What I am telling you to do, is to think about both incidents- the good and the bad. Put them in parallel in your mind.

Now see how the warmth of happiness overshadows the gloom of pain. See how the happy events which littered your past make it worth remembering, how bad things happened but good things too. See how you coped with the difficulty of it all. Feel the live surround you, from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. Look back at the event you are trying to let go off.

Take a deep breath and as you exhale, imagine that image fading into nothingness. Feel the negative energy giving out under the happy memories. Cry, scream or simply keep breathing in and out at a steady pace; relax. Just let it all out, slowly, steadily, surely. Think about what happened, accept it, embrace it and then- feel it drifting far, far away from you. That moment is gone, forever. Feel the pain, the hurt, disappointment and emotional scars fading, away from you, till they are but a dot in the horizon and then, nothing at all.

There you go. Now, you are not afraid of your past, no. You can say it loud and clear- well, at least of yourself- IT HAPPENED! SO WHAT? And that, my friend, is in itself a great achievement.

P.s Part 2 will allow you to turn all the mishaps of your past into gems you’ll be grateful for. Sounds like magic? Well it’s not! Follow me to stay tuned. (I post on Mondays) And don’t forget to let me know if this works for you in the comments below!

Sending you loads of love and positivity,



57 thoughts on “Letting Go Of The Past Made Easy

  1. I definitely have used and promoted a similar effort myself! There is a strength in all of us to overcome the negative and to experience it yet learn from it instead of becoming self defeated. Love the structure and flow of this, brings a realistic and honest feel. Look forward to your second post!

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  2. I totally love your writing style . Before I started meditation and my journey of positivity . You are so right . U have realised it is all about perspective . You have to go through shit to grow . The good and bad all make our story interesting . Love your message . Blessings πŸ’–

    Liked by 1 person

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