Model united nations.

Disclaimer: This is all my personal experience, please keep in mind that it varies for everyone. MUN has been an amazing experience for me, but it has also served as a real eye-opener.



So yeah, MUN. It has brewed a storm within me. A real cacophony of all that was ever said forever resounds in the deep pit of my memory. It was one hell of a ride. It broke me; into a million pieces. But it also built me, and strong as ever I stand after such an enriching experience. Oh, how powerful I felt, breaking apart all of my insecurities, defying the stares and blooming into someone I thought I could never be. My gaze was steady as it fluttered from face to face in the commission room, and those faces seem to be engraved in my soul- interest, appeal, fear, surprise, anticipation, all mingled with much determination. What a beauty. Some of those faces turned into friends, comforting each other when the world seemed to end. Oh, it was indeed our first encounter with reality. The cold, harsh touch of a corrupt world, where favouritism ruled over hard work. Such a world was it, where the juries defied the core of the very institution. The simulation of a fight for peace, turned into a bloody pool of injustice. How can the elders laugh at our generation, when theirs is overflowing with corruption? The favoured wore the crown, with a head bowed down in shame; while the winners stood tall and proud, with tears streaming down their face.


5 thoughts on “Model united nations.

  1. It contains strong appealing words… full of emotions and the experience you went through. Indeed mun was a great experience.. and what you wrote describe how MUN really was for all of us delegates. Keep up with writing, you will achieve something with it. God bless you

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