Homage to the life we’ve left behind. 

It's over isn't it? Truly over. Done. Oh I'm not talking about school, I'm sure that's not the last piece of academic education. I'm referring to my childhood- our childhood, possibly. The time for exploration, revelations and mistakes. The time to step out of the mould for the first time, or go through personalities like … Continue reading Homage to the life we’ve left behind. 

When the mask drops

Every actor from every country in the world must have one day wondered what would happen if the mask they had been doning for a couple of years refused to fall with the curtains. After all, acting is an art and all arts claim a part of the artists identity- just a snippet of emotion … Continue reading When the mask drops

Grateful heart, gloomy 2019

Hi there. I'm Priyanka. I'm back. Along with the holidays, a vast surge of expectations seem to sweep into our lives. Well, at least for me. Talks of resolutions and change have sounded. Reminiscences of the past year's glory are starting to invade conversations, along with some long, whispery, nostalgic sighs- ah ! What a … Continue reading Grateful heart, gloomy 2019

The walk home: the society we live in.

Part 1- Just another victim. Disclaimer: This is a fictional and satirical piece of writing that evokes rape, body-shaming, gender inequality, corruption and victim-blaming in our society- all of which are now being looked upon as normal occurances. Although the setting is in Mauritius, such situations and mentality are not restricted to this country only. … Continue reading The walk home: the society we live in.