A shot of self-confidence

It grows, And grows Blooms like the freshest daisies In endless spring- Stuffing your head with fantasies; Letting inspiration in your heart ring With each steady drum It flowers and thrives, Rouses your blood alive Till of all your glories you are a sum- The shattering get together Of beauty and power. -- This is … Continue reading A shot of self-confidence


Let’s talk: social media and body issues.

It's nearly been a year. Hi. The last time I ever wrote on here, I was convinced that my very soul was being torn apart. But that's a story for another time. Thank you for being here, for hearing me out. Today, I'll just pour out my feelings, raw and unadulterated. Free, naked whispers of … Continue reading Let’s talk: social media and body issues.

The walk home: the society we live in.

Part 1- Just another victim. Disclaimer: This is a fictional and satirical piece of writing that evokes rape, body-shaming, gender inequality, corruption and victim-blaming in our society- all of which are now being looked upon as normal occurances. Although the setting is in Mauritius, such situations and mentality are not restricted to this country only. … Continue reading The walk home: the society we live in.